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Jay Nygard (The Turbine Guy)
Owner and President of Go Green Energy

Jay Nygard, President of Go Green Energy (GGE) received his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota. Prior to that, he served his country in the US Navy as a nuclear power machinist mate. The business was founded in 2008 with the mission of bringing the latest renewable and energy-efficient technologies to the marketplace.  

Mr. Nygard is certificated by the Florida Solar Energy center for solar power systems installation, and, class 1 energy gauge rating.  

Mr. Nygard has obtained the title of “US Technical Representative” for Hi-VAWT Technology Corporation of Taiwan due to his unending technical and sales support of Hi-VAWT. This long term support has created an atmosphere of trust and cooperation between GGE and Hi-VAWT.  

Furthermore, GGE has signed a consulting agreement with Colite Technologies of Columbia, SC, to oversee large renewable installations and participate in product research and development, UL, SWCC, and other certification issues.



Mr. Nygard has provided renewable energy classes for public and private schools. 

He has given public presentations in favor of renewable energy to cities and counties in Minnesota and Oklahoma with good success. Some of the topics covered in these consultations/presentations included:

  • The place of renewables in today's society

  • The differences between large, small and micro wind turbines

  • Comparing wind turbines with other renewable technologies

  • On-grid vs. off-grid systems

  • Hybrid renewable systems

  • Combinations of multiple off grid charging stations

Renewable Energy Classes and Presentations

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