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Micro Wind Power

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Here at Go Green Energy, we can provide you with micro wind power. Small wind turbines generally have a 100 Kw generator size. We consider micro wind power to be turbines with a generator size of 10 Kw or less, which means we provide you with solutions that are very efficient and don't take up a lot of space.

VAWT Technology

VAWT stands for Vertical Axis Wind Generators. Its design has sometimes been likened to an "upside down egg beater". We are proud to be among the first companies to be providing this kind of wind turbine technology. 


The VAWT wind turbine design is preferable to the more traditional HAWT system for many reasons. For example, the VAWT system is quieter and has lower vibration levels, meaning that it will be less disruptive for you and your neighbors.

VAWT Can be More Efficient

Compared to the HAWT design, the VAWT turbine can operate more effectively at much lower wind speeds. It can also operate from wind from any direction. The VAWT design is making wind power more affordable. 

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HiVAWT Products

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