Photovoltaic Power


Photovoltaic power is one of our strongest tools in fighting the rising cost of electricity. The reliability and longevity of the newer systems provide a tremendous hedge against inflation. If you want to go off the grid or take a bite out of your electric bill, photovoltaic is a long term solution to your needs.

Reasons for Solar Power

  • Florida receives 85% of the max solar energy possible in the U.S.
  • The cost of electricity is always increasing
  • The electric grid can be unreliable
  • Power plants emit pollution daily
  • Photovoltaic systems are easy to maintain and simple to operate
  • Solar modules have a 25-30 year life
  • State and Federal rebates may be offered
  • No sales tax charges in Florida
  • No capital improvement assessments in Florida for ten years

Benefits of Solar Power

  • Pays for itself over time
  • Reduce or dispose of your electric bill
  • Extra energy produced in the winter can be used in the summer
  • Power plants burn less coal, therefore they have fewer carbon emissions and pollutants
  • Long term capital improvement for property
  • Can provide back-up power during storms or other power outages.