Green Consulting...

... is for individuals, businesses, contractors or anyone who would like to learn how to minimize their

energy costs through a professional and comprehensive energy assessment of their home or business.

All energy audits are performed by a Florida Certified Class 1 Energy Gauge Rater.

Energy Users

  • Appliances - recommend new appliances when necessary
  • Air Conditioning - size, efficiency and condition of present system
  • Building/household lighting - reduce household heat input and energy consumption with fluorescent and LED lighting
  • Building/householdhot water - the largest energy use in most households

Energy Drains

  • Air infiltration - we will evaluate all of the building's openings and recommend repair or replacement as necessary
  • Sun infiltration - provide ways to prevent the sun from depositing large amounts of energy into the house
  • Attic ventilation - maintaining a relatively cool attic makes the air conditioner work less and is safer for the house
  • Building insulation - recommend attic, wall or under house insulation as needed

Energy Production

  • Photovoltaic power - we will design and recommend a complete system to meet your energy needs
  • Wind power - can be designed into your system to provide around-the-clock energy production
  • Solar hot water - largest energy return for the initial investment
  • Solar lighting - provide darker areas indoors with indirect lighting from the sun

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